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Finest Furniture Assembler Company in Orlando, FL

Do you need furniture assembly in Orlando, FL?

We offer a wide range of services, including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, dining rooms, commercial furniture, and office furniture. Our team is dedicated to providing the best customer service experience possible.

Whether it’s assembling your new bed frame or putting together that dresser from Ikea we can help! We have completed all sorts of pieces for customers throughout Central Florida. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your next project!

Call us today on our hotline or send us an email on our website for more information on our products and services!

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How can we serve you?
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
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man using a level on shelves in a bedroom

Bedroom Furniture

You deserve a kitchen that’s as beautiful and functional on the inside. Our professional assemblers can get your new cooking space up and running with no hassle!
worker with drill installing shelves in living room

Living Room Furniture

Need to set up a sofa or loveseat in your living room? Call us today and get an estimation for the living room furniture assembly for free.
worker with red hat installing drawers in kitchen

Kitchen Furniture

man using drill to install cabinets in an office

Commercial Furniture Assembly

Setting up furniture for commercial areas can be a tremendous and stressful job. But with the help of our professionals, we can set it up for you in no time.

Our Furniture Assembly Company

With furniture, it’s not just about style and beauty. Durability is also a considerable factor to consider when you buy new pieces for your home. When selecting an assembly service provider, make sure they are committed to making sure the process goes smoothly so that every day can feel like no work of yours has been wasted!

At your new home, we can help you furnish it! We install and reconfigure all kinds of furniture for homes as well as offices. From desks to cubicles, our skilled workers get the job done quickly and professionally, no matter how complicated or simple a task is.

Your furniture assembly problems are solved with us. As a local business, we ensure that we can assemble any of your pieces in no time. We have the knowledge and experience to tackle any job - big or small at competitive rates you’ll be thrilled about. You don’t need another headache! Get in touch right now for more information on our services to help make things easier for you while saving time and money!

worker with red hat installing drawers in kitchen
My friends encouraged me to buy a sofa for my apartment, but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to put it together myself. Thankfully, Orlando Furniture Assemblers offered furniture assembly services that made life much easier for me. Thank you
Jennifer S.
I’ve used Orlando Furniture Assemblers to assemble all my furniture when I moved into my house. They were not only friendly, but also very professional in their work. Thanks!
Manuel W.
I moved into my new apartment, but I had no idea how to put together the bed that came with it. Fortunately, Orlando Furniture Assemblers was able to send someone over quickly to assemble it for me. They were courteous and efficient in their work. Thank you!
Rufus C.

Our Furniture Assembly Services

See below for more information about our top notch assembly services.

Bedroom Furniture

A bedroom is a place where people rest and relax during the day and cool off at night. Thus, it should be decorated accordingly to make life more comfortable. Furniture bedroom assembly services can assemble a new bedroom set, put together your bed frame if you purchased one yourself, secure your dresser into the wall regardless of how heavy it is, and many more.

Bedroom assembly services are excellent if you need help putting together bedroom furniture items that have been bought from stores like Lowes or Home Depot.

A bedroom furniture assembly service is an efficient way to solve the problem of getting more oversized items like bedroom sets, shelves, and appliances from place to place. Saving time and effort is essential when moving big bedroom furnishings from room to room or even across town.

With that, our bedroom assembly service will be much faster than doing it yourself. Furthermore, with all the necessary tools and equipment, we can help you put them together correctly.

If you don’t have sufficient mobility and strength, you may need assistance assembling your bedroom set. Services are available for just that purpose, and we offer the best bedroom furniture assembly in Orlando. Contact us today for estimations and more information.

man using a level on shelves in a bedroom

Living Room Furniture

The living room is the most public place in the house. With that, any living room item may be easily stained by food or the dirty shoes of visitors. For this reason, you must choose professional living room furniture assembly services so your living room will be installed without any damage on its surface or color.

When seeking a professional living room furniture assembly service, you must hire a reliable company. This way, you ensure that your living room will be installed correctly without damaging your living room items. A good living room furniture assembly service should also have assembly experts who know how to put together living room furniture pieces by themselves. It is an essential factor in being able to assemble them correctly without damaging your living room items.

With that said, our company offers the best and most professional living room furniture assembly in Orlando. We have the tools and skills to make such arrangements in your living room in no time. To get quotations, contact us today, and our experts will help you with your assembly needs.

worker with drill installing shelves in living room

Kitchen Furniture

Over the years, kitchen cabinet assembly has evolved from a mere kitchen setup to an art. Some experts even say that kitchen setup is more of an art than a science because it involves a keen understanding of aesthetics and ergonomics. Ergonomics is all about designing kitchen furniture pieces carefully balancing color, textures, and shapes to achieve a soothing kitchen environment.

Kitchen decoration is, therefore, all about matching shapes and colors to bring out vibrant kitchen interiors without risking creating kitchen spaces that look chaotic or cluttered. So, when one considers kitchen cabinet installation, one must understand how important it is for them to get such kitchen installation and kitchen cabinet assembly services from professional kitchen installation experts.

If you plan to set up new kitchen furniture in your kitchen, do not hesitate to call for help. Kitchen furniture and appliances can be heavy to install; that’s why professionals like us exist to help you out.

If you require kitchen furniture assemblers, call us today! We give free estimates and advice for homeowners as to how their kitchen furniture can be installed appropriately. You may contact us on our hotline or visit our website.

worker with red hat installing drawers in kitchen

Commercial Furniture Assembly

Many commercial furniture items require assembly and installation. Whether you have commercial office furniture, commercial reception desks, or commercial auditorium chairs, all of these types of commercial fixtures can be assembled by our highly skilled commercial furniture assemblers.

When designing your office, it’s essential to consider the furniture and fittings that complement its environment. From desks for employees to conference tables in boardrooms; from chairs for waiting rooms or lounges with sofas; every piece of equipment needs a place within an area. This is why we offer competitive prices on all our range of products - because what good are they if no-one can afford them?

Our professional commercial warehouse services include the assembly of new as well as used commercial furniture. We offer a complete range of commercial shopfitting products in addition to the components large-scale projects with our custom-built display industrial shelving and racking systems.

man using drill to install cabinets in an office

Outdoor Furniture

You could spend hours assembling your new outdoor furniture to perfection. But don’t! Let our professional assemblers do the work for you so you can enjoy a perfect setting this weekend!

Outdoor furniture assembly can be a stressful and time-consuming job to do. But, no matter if it is performed before delivery or on-site at your home, our professional assemblers have vast expertise and years of experience in constructing outdoor pieces quickly to keep the quality consistent with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Outdoor furniture can be a pivotal element in your outdoor space. Furniture assembly can help you make sure that everything feels sturdy and comfortable for the years to come - and we’re here to lend our professional assistance.

We can help you with all of your assembly needs. We’ll come to your house, set up the furniture (or grill!), and then take care of any necessary installation work that may need to be done on-site before we leave! If you have a large group or piece such as a couch in mind, for example, don’t worry – just give us a call and ask about our free quotes today, so we know what size truck will be needed when it comes time for pickup!

outdoor kitchen with stainless steel grill and marble countertops

Dining Room Furniture Assembly

A dining room is one of the most commonly used areas in a home, but these spaces can acquire significant wear and tear over time. Whether it’s an extension of your living area or central to entertaining guests, you’ll want furniture that’s sturdy and well-built for optimal function.

Dining room furniture is hard to assemble, but we’re here with the best solution. We’ll deliver your new pieces right to you on time, set them up in a timely fashion so that everything is ready for use when it’s supposed to be (especially if these rooms are where you spend most of your day).

Don’t worry if assembling yourself sounds like too much work or doesn’t seem worth the hassle after hearing about how fast our team can get this done! Our assembly service will take care of all those pesky details while leaving more time for enjoying what matters most: family bonding over delicious meals around freshly assembled tables from Amish Woodcrafts' dining sets.

If you’re looking to save time and don’t want the hassle of assembling furniture, you must utilize our company’s in-home assembly service. We will make sure your pieces are adequately assembled without any mistakes so they can be ready for use as soon as possible!

woman with drill installing shevles for dining room area

Office Furniture Assembly

Imagine an office room with more natural light coming in and less clutter. You could have all the furniture you need to run your business and make it feel like home at night when you’re not working.

Putting together your new office furniture can be a daunting task, but our Orlando-based professionals have the knowledge and skills you need to get it done quickly. In addition, we charge far less for assembling than other companies in town while maintaining superior customer service rates with an easy payment plan so that any budget is possible! So book now before someone else does!

We know how difficult putting together an entire set of desk chairs or filing cabinets from scratch can seem when everything comes delivered flat packed. That’s why we offer assembly services that will take care of all those challenging tasks for you at affordable prices–you just buy what pieces work best for your space, then call us up, book online (or by phone), and leave the rest to us.

brand new office table
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Our Approach

Furniture Assembly Orlando is your one-stop company to get all of the furniture assembling you need. We build big and small pieces, both at affordable rates, with friendly professionals on staff who are committed to no delays!

Orlando Furniture Assembly for Your Home

Furniture assembly is something that those who are inclined to do it themselves might often shy away from. This is because it’s a practice that can be quite difficult to get the hang of, especially if you’re up against heavy pieces. This isn’t the case with our team! We take pride in not only being skilled as furniture assemblers but also friendly and communicative people too.

Our furniture assembly company is your best choice when you want to get a quality, hassle-free job done right! You’ll like our quickness and efficiency, while we’ll appreciate the opportunity to work hard for you. Give us a call today to talk about your project. services and other services.

Frequently asked questions

The national average cost for furniture assembly ranges from $60 to nearly $450, depending on the number of items you need a professional to put together. However, if you want to get a sure estimate for your assembly needs, you can give us a call, and our professionals can provide

You can set an appointment by calling us on our hotline or email us through our website. Our agents will be there to entertain you with your booking needs.

We cater to Orlando, FL. You can also check our website for more service locations.
If you ordered the items directly from the manufacturer, you might need to contact them for any missing items. However, if you ordered the items from us, we can get the missing pieces for you from our office or warehouse.
No. You can pay for the assembly service once you feel satisfied with the work our professionals have done.
No, there is no minimum service call fee.
It will depend on the professional’s availability or your scheduled booking. If you make an appointment in earlier days, it might take a few days for our techs to arrive.
Yes. We can remove empty furniture boxes for your disposal.
It will depend on how big the furniture is and the number of items to be assembled. You can ask our agents as for time quotations for assembly.